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Business Battlefields organises bespoke corporate events on historic battlefields. 

We believe battlefields are interesting locations that stimulate emotional reflection, discussions and debate. Which is why approximately 1 in 3 men and 1 in 10 women show an interest in military history. They are places linked to our own past as individuals and organisations, offering inspiring examples of great human endeavour, leadership and strategy.

Battlefield visits offer a reason to visit Belgium, France and the Netherlands, as well as interesting parts of the U.K. The restaurants and other facilities we use are chosen to provide the right atmosphere for business people to relax and enjoy each others company.

All our tours are bespoke tailored to the needs and requests of our clients offering the perfect balance between history and relaxation.


Tired of Paintball?

Try a Corporate Day Out With a Difference

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Business Battlefields isn’t new. It has been trading since 2006 with customers such as Merrill Lynch, Marks and Spencer and Boeing UK. However the business has been re-launched with an emphasis on supporting a corporate day out rather than visiting battlefields or trying to draw lessons for business from military history. The service we offer has been geared around the feedback and market research.

The service we offer has been designed around the needs of business. We have researched and designed itineraries based around departure times at the start of the working day. Transport, meals and refreshment have been designed to support social interaction and to be a positive pleasure in themselves.

There are lots of reasons for wanting to undertake some form of corporate day out, and learning business lessons is rarely the main reason. However, we can offer forms only a small part.


Dr Simon Chapman Joins the team

We are delighted to appoint welcome Dr Simon Chapman as an associate. He is an experienced business man and soldier. His career has combined the development of military doctrine as a staff officer and business science as a lecturer at City Business school with practical business experience.

There are a lot of ideas that can be mined from military history. While many business people who visit the battlefields will draw their own lessons from history, some may be interested in how this links to modern business science. 

We would be happy to disucss these with clients and can draw on the support of business school strategists and management development trainers

Did You Know? #1 

Some Great Soldiers were once Bankers

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One of the great generals of the C17th was a financier with no previous military experience? Ambroglio Spinola, was Maestro de campo Generale for King Phillip II of Spain in the low countries. He broke the stalemate with the Dutch and forced a truce leaving what is now Belgium in Spanish hands. He was from Genoa, Italy, making him a contender for what is for most people a very short list of Italian war heroes. The Genovese were attracted to lending to the Spanish because the high rates of interest due to the weakness of the Spanish economy. He was immortalised on canvas by Velázquez in his painting “The Surrender at Breda