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Business Battlefields offers a new interpretation of the corporate away day. Built around a visit to a historic battlefield, but focussing on having a great time, we design a day with a difference for you and your team..

Battlefields are exciting locations, they enlighten and inform, they stimulate discussion and debate and they offer examples of great human endurance and endeavour. 

Both First and Second World War battlefield locations are all within easy reach for a day trip and the food, wines and beers of France and Belgium offer an enticing gastronomic experience.  The approaching centenary of the Great War will be an opportunity to explore your links to the past and participate in the international events around the anniversaries.

We can also take you to a range of interesting British battlefields ranging from Caesar to the Cold War, where the story telling abilities of our guides will bring the battle to life and where local hostelries offer a convivial atmosphere.

We use VIP coaches, highly qualified guides and a range of personally selected restaurants to ensure your day is a successful and memorable event. 

There is the opportunity to add on extras with a wow factor - only limited by imagination and budget!  How about travelling in a Lancaster Bomber? Or driving a tank? Or learning how to use medieval weapons or target shooting with black powder muskets and rifles?. Or be shown around by experts familiar from the bookshop and TV screen? 

Our tours include as much or as little history as you would like. We can draw parallels between military strategy and business planning, we can discuss tactics on the battlefield as well as in the boardroom – or we can just facilitate a great day out – a day with a difference.


Try a Corporate Day with a Difference

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Business Battlefields has been trading since 2006 with customers such as Merrill Lynch, Marks and Spencer and Boeing UK. 

However the business has been re-launched with an emphasis on supporting a corporate day out rather than visiting battlefields or trying to draw lessons for business from military history. 

The service we offer has been designed around the needs of business. Itineraries are based around departure times at the start of the working day. Transport, meals and refreshment have been designed to support social interaction and to be a positive pleasure in themselves.

We can still support organisations seeking to use battlefields to learn lessons for business from miliary history. 


Dr Simon Chapman Joins the Team

We are delighted to welcome Dr Simon Chapman as an associate. He is an experienced businessman and soldier. His career combines military techniques  learnt as an army staff officer and business science from lecturing at City University Business School with 30 years of practical business experience as a serial entrepreneur.

There are a lot of ideas that can be mined from military history. While many business people who visit the battlefields will draw their own lessons from history, some may be interested in how this links to modern business science. 

We would be happy to disucss ideas with clients and can draw on the support of business school strategists and management development trainers

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Dr Simon Chapman


#1 The Italian Banker who became a war hero 

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One of the great generals of the C17th was a financier with no previous military experience. Ambroglio Spinola, was Maestro de campo Generale for King Phillip II of Spain in the low countries. He broke the stalemate with the Dutch and forced a truce leaving what is now Belgium in Spanish hands. He was from Genoa, Italy, making him a contender for what is for most people a very short list of Italian war heroes. The Genovese were attracted to lending to the Spanish because the high rates of interest due to the weakness of the Spanish economy. He was immortalised on canvas by Velázquez in his painting“The Surrender at Breda